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Blackout Group
Barnaba Mikulowski & Tomasz Dobiszewski

We live in times when we have access to an endless amount of data. It is up to us how we manage them, whether they will serve only pure fun, produce attractive art objects, or deepen our reflection on the surrounding, often overwhelming world?

Basing on a combination of 3D printing and artificial intelligence technologies, combining with various data acquisition technologies, we want to create objects that are the sum of precision and imprecision. By combining our strengths and experiences, we want to create hypothetical virtual objects and their physical avatars using contemporary technology.

Barnaba Mikulowski is a specialist in 3D graphics, artificial intelligence and interactive installations. Tomasz Dobiszewski has recently been focusing on the visualisation of imperceptible phenomena and the resulting data, using analogue and digital technologies (eyetracking, facereading, GPS). By joining forces, we believe that the resulting realisation will not only broaden our knowledge of the world, but will mainly allow viewers to understand the processes taking place in the world, which in their basic form are incomprehensible and often even imperceptible.



grAIpefruit - A Book of Executions with illustrations made by AI [book, 96 pages] 2023
with instructions by Yoko Ono, published by The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Art and Design, Wroclaw 2023

grAIpefruit - A Book of Executions is an artistic book that serves as a response to the unique challenges posed by Yoko Ono in her famous book Grapefruit: A Book of Instructions. It is not only a tribute to this great artist but also an attempt to capture a significant moment in the history of art and global culture, namely the beginnings of artificial intelligence.

Yoko Ono, known for her unconventional and often provocative artistic actions, inspired us to create something new and exciting. Her experimental approach to art, which often connected her with the avant-garde movement, has inspired generations of creators. Our artistic book, although based on AI technology, continues the spirit of creativity and innovation that Ono represents.

This book is a step into the future, bridging art with technology. It is also the voice of artists who constantly strive to push boundaries and express their thoughts in a new, unconventional way. Our work is an attempt to merge Ono's artistic legacy with a new chapter in the history of art, characterized by the evolving role of artificial intelligence.

We invite you to discover our artistic book, which not only pays tribute to Yoko Ono but also highlights the significant role that technology plays in transforming and advancing the field of art. It is a unique moment that shows that creativity and innovation will never cease to surprise us.

Album Primo-Avrilesque [video, AI, 14'45"] 2023

Album Primo-Avrilesque is a work based on a monograph by French writer, artist and humorist Alphonse Allais, published in Paris on April 1, 1897 under the same title. The work is widely known by its French title, which may be translated into English as "April Fool-ish album". The artist's book contains a series of seven monochromatic artworks, each is a solid block of one color - black, blue, green, yellow (or brown), red, gray, white - displayed in an ornamental frame. Each piece is given a humorous title in French. As part of our project, we decided to use AI to create animations that interpreting these titles.

grAIpefruit - A Book of Executions with illustrations made by AI

[book, 96 pages] 2023

Album Primo-Avrilesque

[video, AI, 14'45"] 2023