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My equal century [installation, 48 annual calendars, acrylic marker] 2024

Postpostcards Fuerteventura, Lazarote [digital print, 15 postcards 18x13 cm, mail-art] 2024

The Sixth Obstruction [video, AI, 12'46"] 2024
The work is a tribute to Jorgen Leth and Lars von Trier and the title refers directly to Lars von Trier's film The Five Obstructions in which he challenges his creative mentor Jorgen Leth to a diabolical game. In the work The Sixth Obstruction, Jorgen Leth's 1968 film Det perfekte menneske (The Perfect Human) has been cut into its basic elements - into individual frames. Then, using artificial intelligence with the prompt 'The Perfect Human', the film frames were transformed and filled with the generated content.

The Andalusian Dog [video, AI, 21'26"] 2023
In the presented work, film Un Chien Andalou (The Andalusian Dog) by Luis Bunuel from 1928, was divided into the basic elements - into single frames. Then, using AI with the 'Andalusian Dog' prompt, the film's frames were transformed and filled with generated content. Although the tool does not meet expectations, we still do not lose the desire to understand this surrealistically obscure plot.

Album Primo-Avrilesque [video, AI, 14'45"] 2023 [with Barnaba Mikułowski]
Album Primo-Avrilesque is a work based on a monograph by French writer, artist and humorist Alphonse Allais, published in Paris on April 1, 1897 under the same title. The work is widely known by its French title, which may be translated into English as "April Fool-ish album". The artist's book contains a series of seven monochromatic artworks, each is a solid block of one color - black, blue, green, yellow (or brown), red, gray, white - displayed in an ornamental frame. Each piece is given a humorous title in French. As part of our project, we decided to use AI to create animations that interpreting these titles.

grAIpefruit - A Book of Executions with illustrations made by AI [book, 96 pages] 2023 [with Barnaba Mikułowski]

The Elusive Perversity of Nature [installation, photography, video] 2023

Compositions of wounded natures [site-specific installation, paint, trees, In Situ Contemporary Art Foundation, Sokołowsko PL] 2023

Shapes of divergence [site-specific installation, stones, paint, charcoal drawing, Huanchaca Ruins Museum, Antofagasta CL] 2023 [with Anna Krukowska]

Postpostcards Chile [digital print, 15 postcards 18x13 cm, mail-art] 2023

The Best of... [self-adhesive foil, 320x80 cm] 2023

Playing with Suns [video projection, 6'23"] 2022

untitled [latent photographs, 13x18 cm] 2022

Punk is dead. Sex Pistols manager's son will burn £5m memorabilia collection and show it online [riso calligrams] 2022

The Sun Has an Immaculate Image of the World, As It Has Never Seen the Shadow [16 prints on archival paper, 30 x 30 cm / all 150 x 150 cm] 2022

Weaving Iraklio [cyanotypies, prints on UV foil, GPS] 2022

Postpostcards Crete [digital print, 25 postcards 18x13 cm, mail-art] 2022

Landscape of attendance (Ukraine) [archival prints on 100x70 cm paper] 2022

Hourglass / Klepsydra [archival print on 70x95 cm paper] 2022 [with Anna Krukowska]

Landscape of attendance (Germany) [archival prints on 100x70 cm paper] 2022

Asymmetry [typescript A4 + archival photo 60x60 cm] 2021

Home [objects made of rubber, various sizes, sketches on A4 sheets] 2021
The work is about imagination of the place we live in. At the artist's request, 50 people sketched from memory the contours of the country in which they live. The drawings are accompanied by objects made of rubber, which are the exact contours of the borders of their home country and which, depending on their unfolding, form ambiguous shapes.

Ephemeral topographies [action in public space, GPS, video, animation] 2021

Postpostcards Entropia [digital print, 12 postcards 18x13 cm, mail-art] 2021

4'33" [video] 2018/2020
Just as sound is a prerequisite for perceiving a piece of music, light is essential for the perception of an image.
This work refers to the famous work of John Cage, during which no sound is played. This video documents the operation of a device recording eye movements while watching complete darkness.

7 [installation, animation] 2018
The title of the work refers to the number of days in a week. For several years I have been using an electronic calendar to help organise my daily life. In the beginning, I used it to record teaching classes, exhibitions, other cultural events I attended and, over time, also completely private events. The so-called 'organiser' (iCal application) has unwittingly become a kind of diary, thanks to which I can recall past events with the precision of day and hour. The animation shows the last twelve years of my life, divided into weeks.

Landscape of attendance (Poland) [archival prints on 100x70 cm paper] 2018
The work is an infographics presenting the turnout in elections (presidential, parliamentary, euro-parliamentary, local government or referenda) that have taken place in Poland over the last 30 years.

Entropy grows v.3.0 [print on archival paper 40x30 cm] 2017

Spatial annotations [series of large-format prints, maps, GPS] 2017

An elderly woman with traces of great beauty [object, archival print 100x100 cm] 2017

TXT [calligrams, newspaper prints, different sizes] 2016-2024
With the help of computer software, press articles have been transposed into graphics that contain the content of the source text (the size of the words depends on the frequency of their occurrence), and at the same time they create an image that was created on the basis of the photographs that accompanied the articles.

Tracking the mouse [video, computer, prints on archival paper, various sizes] 2016-2019
The graphs shown are recordings of computer mouse movements during daily activities (newspaper review, bank account payment, video editing, mailing, remote teaching, playing chess, etc.).

Tracking Photoshop [laser engraving in archival prints, various sizes] 2017
Software for tracking computer mouse activity was used to create the series. The record that was engraved directly into the photograph is a recording of the mouse movements during the graphic processing of the given photograph in Adobe Photoshop.

untitled [negatives, positives, 13x18 cm] 2016

(Neg)Entropy [latent photographs, 13x10 cm, "Negentropy" word-shaped lens, camera obscura drawer] 2013

Meanwhile [video] 2013 [with Maciej Lemański]
The word "meanwhile" is use in films or in books, when the film director or writer want to move us at the same time to another space. This situation creates a possibility of existence not just the time machine but the space machine. This machine don't need a fuel because it works only in our imagination. But in telepathy exists a situation when two different molecules have an influence to each other even if they are separated a million miles away.

Photographs... [60 texts, frames] 2013

Designations (Wittgenstein) [installation, pinhole photography (silver contact prints 5” x 7”), word-shaped lenses] 2011

Ideations [IN PROGRESS] 2011-?

Preventive pictures [12 photoluminescent paintings] 2011

Night_diary [photoluminescent book] 2011

Movemental_video [video] 2010

No_image [interactive installation] 2009/10
In the installation the viewer stands in front of the digital representation of his/her figure. The image from the camera is transposed to single sign – the words no image, which are the components of the presentation. The sign indicating the meaning is at the same time the sign contradicting that meaning.

Temporary internet files [installation, digital frames] 2009
Surfing around the World Wide Web, we unknowingly gather images which document that journey. They are stored in an album of our virtual travels – to the Temporary Internet Files folder. Photographs, graphics, animations seem to be postcards, because we're not their authors, we just unknowingly collect them. Just like we don't know the person who made that postcard, we're unable to determine whether a given situation took place in reality or it is a creation of a fictitious world. During the virtual travels we don't search in the images we watch for the signs of the bygone, we just find meanings and symbols – time and place go into oblivion.

Movemental [archive prints on photopaper, dibond, plexiglas, 100x100 cm] 2009

Hide and seek [interactive installation, computer, monitor, camera] 2009

Timing [video] 2008

Wspomnienie / Memory [12 x (24 x 18 cm) silver contact prints, undeveloped and unfixed] 2007/2009

hidden trips (Wilno 2008, Tallin 2008, Ryga 2008, Cząstkowo 2008, Kraków 2009) [installation, photographic film exposed undeveloped, MP3 player, plexiglass, PCV] 2006–2009

Talk to me. More / Mów do mnie. Jeszcze [installation, landline phone, framed newspapers with ordered classifieds] 2008

Washing off [pinhole photography / polaroid] 2007

One minute [video] 2006

Maybe [video] 2005

Katharsis [performance, autodafe] 2005

Memorabilia [interactive installation / flashboxes / photography / movement sensors] 2005, 2008

ztv 2004

Palingenesis [pinhole photography, silver gelatin contact prints] 2004

Re-medium [cameras built out of a pill packs, pinhole photography, silver gelatin contact prints, leaflet] 2002-2005

Thought broken by the steps [book / ISBN 83-920300-4-4 / edition 100 pieces] 2004

pinocycle 2003

forma nova oculos terret 2002

Messages [pinhole photography / silver print] 2003
Commercial [digital photography] 2003
I co Apokalipsa? [animation] 2003
PKP_book [minced train tickets - wove paper / photography] 2002
List [minced phonebook - wove paper / photography] 2002
Hi-story [installation / animation / photography] 2002
Flowers [photo paper / vase with water / flowers / sun / undeveloped and unfixed material] 2001
Cakes [eatable photo cakes] 2001

Exibition of Dwarf Photography / Wystawa fotografii krasnoludków [action] 2004
Bags [analysis of advertising bags / lectures / projection / films / animations] 2004
old_videos 2000-2004